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Pool Studio System Requirements

For those working in the pool design industry, whether as seasoned professionals or newcomers, our innovative software has likely come to your attention. Utilizing Pool Studio can aid in producing visually stunning and precise pool designs. However, it is crucial to ensure that your computer meets the necessary system requirements before use.

To assist you in this process, we will be outlining the minimum and recommended system requirements for running Pool Studio, as well as considerations to keep in mind when contemplating computer upgrades.

At Structure Studios, we recognize the significance of possessing effective and trustworthy technology while designing and presenting pool designs to clients. A computer that satisfies the essential requirements will guarantee that you can operate proficiently in the software and generate top-tier designs that precisely convey your concepts.

Furthermore, comprehending the system prerequisites will help you decide whether Pool Studio is the appropriate software for your demands.

Quick Requirements

CPUMinimum of Intel Corei i5 (8th Gen or higher) and Intel Core i7 (9th Gen or higher) is recommended
RAMMinimum 8GB and 16GB for large projects
GPUMinimum NVIDA GTX 9 or 10 series or equivalent to AMD/NVIDIA RTX 3060 or AMD equivalent is recommended
OSMinimum Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 is recommended. Not compatible with Mac OS, Linux or any other non-Windows operating system
Hard DIskMinimum of 11GB and 50GB is recommended

Detailed Requirements

Operating System Requirements

Pool Studio is compatible with Windows 10, which is the recommended operating system for optimal performance. It can also be installed on Windows 8.1. It is important to note that Pool Studio is not compatible with Mac OS, Linux or any other non-Windows operating system.

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Processor Requirements

The processing power of a computer is a vital determinant for the overall performance of software applications. This is especially true for resource-intensive applications like Pool Studio. To ensure seamless operation of Pool Studio, it is advised to have a processor that meets the minimum requirements.

The recommended specifications include a 64-bit processor with a minimum of four cores, clocked at a minimum of Intel Core i5 (8th Gen or higher) and Intel Core i7 (9th Gen or higher).

A faster processor facilitates effortless creation and rendering of designs without any lag or delays. It is crucial to note that the complexity of your pool design may require additional processor power, and higher-end processors will significantly enhance your experience in Pool Studio.

Memory Requirements

Pool studio requires a minimum of 8 GB of RAM, but we recommend a higher amount for a smoother and more efficient user experience such as 16GB. The additional memory will also enable you to process larger and more complex design projects without any lags or delays. Insufficient memory can cause the program to slow down and may even result in crashes.

Therefore, it is recommended to ensure that your computer has enough memory to support Pool Studio’s needs before beginning any design projects.

Graphics Card Requirements

In order to ensure the effective operation of Pool Studio, it is advised to comply with the graphics card specifications. A compatible graphics card is indispensable for achieving seamless performance and an optimal user experience.

The minimum graphics card requirements for Pool Studio entail a NVIDA GTX 9 or 10 series or an equivalent AMD graphics card. However, for superior performance, it is recommended to use a NVIDIA RTX 3060 or its AMD equivalent.

It is imperative to verify the compatibility of the graphics card with your computer system and its compliance with the required power supply specifications. Neglecting to adhere to the graphics card prerequisites could lead to suboptimal performance and, in the most severe instances, the software may fail to operate altogether. Hence, ascertaining that your system satisfies the graphics card requirements is crucial prior to installing Pool Studio.

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Screen Resolution Requirements

For optimal performance and high-quality visuals when using Pool Studio, it is recommended to utilize a screen resolution of at least 1920×1080. This ensures clear and precise viewing of all design elements, making menus, buttons, and icons easy to navigate. A lower screen resolution may result in a sub-optimal experience and could potentially compromise the accuracy of designs.

We understand that some users may have budgetary constraints, but we strongly advise upgrading to a monitor with a resolution of at least 1920×1080 for the best results when using Pool Studio.


It is important to possess a comprehensive comprehension of the necessary system requirements for Pool Studio prior to purchasing or upgrading your current system. As a user, encountering compatibility issues or investing in hardware that is redundant to your needs is not ideal. It is prudent to consider your business needs, budget, and hardware compatibility when evaluating the requirements outlined by manufacturers. Selecting the appropriate system hardware can significantly enhance the efficiency of your pool design process, ultimately leading to substantial time and cost savings in the future.