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Should I Upgrade My CPU or GPU?

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Should I Upgrade My CPU or GPU? This question is very common and I hope that this article will clarify all your confusion about upgrading your CPU or GPU.

Over time, games, applications and software get better and come with more enhanced new features and that’s why the upgrading of CPU and GPU is necessary.

I will discuss with you today when to upgrade your CPU or GPU and which component needs to be upgraded first.

Introduction of CPU

A central processing unit (CPU) is the main part of any electronic device such as Mobiles, Laptops and PCs and this component plays an important role and manage your system data

The CPU is also called the brain and heart of the computer and this is the reason that the central processing unit is considered a primary component of a PC and consists of the Arithmetic and Logic Unit.

Types of CPUs

  • Single Core
  • Dual Core
  • Quad Core
  • Hexa Core
  • Octa Core
  • Deca Core

3 Reasons for Upgrading CPU

1. Enhance Performance

PC performance is directly related to CPU performance, and a better processor means better performance.

To increase your computer power and performance, you must upgrade your processor and if your performance is better, then you can do your work quickly. Your productivity will also increase because of low speed, a computer with too much lag, and programs that don’t work properly.

2.   Improve Gaming Performance

We think that CPU does not matter in gaming performance but it is not true.

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Yes, GPU matters a lot in gaming performance, but CPU also smoothes your gaming experience. If you want to play games at high FPS and 4K resolution then upgrading the CPU is recommended.

3.   PC Slowing Down

When your PC slows down and applications don’t work correctly, you need to check your processor speed and find the cause of the slowdown. Most of cases the main reason for slowing down a computer is the processor because the CPU does not enough power to provide your PC and then your system shuts down and overheats.

Introduction of GPU

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is the main component of PCs, laptops and mobile devices because it handles all things related to graphics or visuals.

Graphics Card is another name for GPU and we know that graphics card plays a vital role in gaming performance, video editing and 3D animations.

Machine Learning is a subfield of Artificial Intelligence and this field requires a high level GPU because without a graphics card your system will not work properly.


Types of Graphics Card

Integrated GPU

The integrated graphics card is attached to the same motherboard as the CPU and both components work together to provide better performance and graphics. These types of graphics cards come in PCs, laptops and smartphones.

Dedicated GPU

A dedicated GPU has its own memory and it is also good to increase graphics performance in PC. It is ideal for gamers, heavy video editors, and other high level visual works.

3 Reasons for Upgrading GPU

1. Boost Graphics Performance

Graphics cards increase your graphics performance on a PC or laptop and you can complete your video editing, architecture and 3D animation projects without any lag or glitch. You need to upgrade your GPU if your system struggles to provide you high visual performance.

2. Increase Gaming Performance

Most people don’t play games on their computers because they lack a high quality graphics card on their PC. You will need to upgrade your graphic card and install the right card to play high quality games.

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The GPU is not only beneficial for your gaming but also affects your speed because better graphics cards have high memory and they are not dependent on your system memory (RAM)

3. Better 3D Animation Performance

GPU plays an important role in 3D animations or 3D video editing and this is also a major reason that people upgrade graphics cards because their graphics card is not enough to provide them better performance in 3D work.

Which should you upgrade first, CPU or GPU?

Reasons for Upgrade CPU First

1. Your system is running slow or continuously lagging, and you’d like to fix this issue, maybe there are issues with your processor. This is because the processor is responsible for your PC’s performance, so upgrading the CPU will be a better solution.

2. If you want to improve the overall speed and performance of your PC then you need to upgrade the processor first.

3. The third reason for changing the processor first, is that new applications, software and other programs are not compatible with your CPU.

Reasons for Upgrade GPU First

1. If you are an active gamer or plan to become a gamer then you need to first change your graphics card because upgrading GPU first is a better option for you.

2. Second reason for installing a new graphics card is that you are a high level video editor or 3D animator and your GPU does not work properly and the editing software hanging and glitching.