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Why Does My Computer Fan Keep Running

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If your computer fan keep running with noise and you feel very uncomfortable while using the PC and you do not know any solution to this issue.

Today I discuss 4 methods to fix this fan constantly running problem and I am sure after applying the below methods your computer fan will run at a normal speed without noise.

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Computer Fan Importance

A computer and laptop fan is a very important part of the system because this fan cools your computer and prevents from overheating and damaging computer components.

If your computer fan not work properly and continuously running with loud noise then your system slows down and lags because of overheats and in some cases the computer is completely dead.

Types of Fans

There are 3 types of fans installed in the computer to protect the system from rising temperature.

  1. Processor Fan
  2. Computer Case Fan
  3. Power Supply Fan

PC Fans

1. Clean Dust

The most common reason of fan keeps running is dust in your computer case vents and upper side of the processor chip and if your processor temperature is not normal and continuously increasing then the fan constantly running.

If you know a little knowledge about computer case opening then you need to open the computer case and clean the computer vents with a brush, cotton, or air blower. After doing this step, now you need to carefully open the processor or chipset fan and clean them, please keep in mind that this step is not easy and you may damage your computer components.

If you did not know any knowledge about PC case opening, I suggest that visit any computer repair shop and tell them to do service and pasting of my computer.

2. Monitor Room Temperature

The other reason for constantly PC fan running is high room temperature. If you use a computer in a hot place then your computer temperature rises and the fan running at high speed because its function is to cool your system.

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The good room temperature for computers and laptops is 60° F to 80° F or 15° C to 30° C and if your temperature is more than this numbers then your computer overheats and the fan will constantly run.

3. Change Placement of Computer

Many people place a computer on a desk or floor without knowing that this is a serious problem that comes with their computer. If you place your computer near a wall or bed then your computer face a ventilation issue and your system overheats and the fan run constantly.

Now you need to change the place of your PC and the best direction is South and East.

4. Fault in Computer Fan

Another reason of fan keeps running is may be there is a fault in your computer fan and they run slow and do not cool down your PC. In this case, you need to visit a computer repair shop and change your PC fan.

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